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Here are links to some of my Rumpus interviews:

April Barton

Sound & Vision #1: April Barton, Hairstylist


Sound & Vision #2: Tony Mangurian, Engineer, Producer, Composer, and Musician


Sound & Vision #3: Melissa Cross, Vocal Coach

gail_feature_pic1Sound & Vision #4: Gail Ann Dorsey, Bassist

GenyaRaven_featurepicSound & Vision #5: Genya Ravan, Musician and Producer

nateduval_featureSound & Vision #6: Nate Duval, Designer and Illustrator

montefeature-micheleambraSound & Vision #7: Monte Pittman, Guitarist

DavidBarnes_featurepicSound & Vision #8: David Barnes, Artist and Multimedia Performer

McTear_featureSound & Vision#9: Brian McTear, Producer and Musician

ScottCrawford_featureSound & Vision #10: Scott Crawford, Fanzine Editor and Director

nathan_east_featureSound & Vision #11: Nathan East, Bassist

Conley8Sound & Vision #12: Shannon Conley, Vocalist and Actor

St. Vincent & Annie ClarkSound & Vision #13: Daniel Mintseris, Keyboardist and Programmer

Haugberg-FeatureSound & Vision #14: Hannah Haugberg, Artist

USA Portrait - Miriam LinnaSound & Vision #15: Miriam Linna, Musician & Publisher

DanaNielsenfeatureSound & Vision #16: Dana Nielsen, Mixer, Engineer, Producer & Musician

DrateSalavetz_featurepicSound & Vision #17: Spencer Drate & Judith Salavetz, Designers

Visconti_featureSound & Vision #18: Tony Visconti, Producer

Millington_featurepicSound & Vision #19: June Millington

john_congleton2 (1)

Sound & Vision #20: John Congleton


Sound & Vision #21: Tim Barnes


Sound & Vision #22: Alice Bag


Sound & Vision#23: John Holmstrom, Roberta Bayley, and Chris Stein


Sound & Vision #24: Ebru Yildiz


Sound & Vision #25: Brendan Toller


Sound & Vision #26: Mark Alan Stamaty


Sound & Vision #27: Arthur Fournier

Sound & Vision #28: Ken Freedman

Sound & Vision #29: Leah Hayes

Sound & Vision #30: Matt Sullivan

Here are links to a few of my recent Brooklyn Rail pieces:

NickCaveNick Cave’s Great Gamble

AugustaKoch_McCabeConsider the Critic: Dispatch from the CMJ Music Marathon

mccabe-web1BOY: Carla Bozulich’s Foray into Pop


 WOMEN OF THE YEAR: The Renaissances and Reunions Of 2013 – The Brooklyn Rail


A SPOTLIGHT BENT THROUGH A PRISM Teri Gender Bender of Bosnian Rainbows – The Brooklyn Rail


Decoding Lez Zeppelin – The Brooklyn Rail


Being Patti Smith – The Brooklyn Rail

Here are links to some of my book reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle:


chrissie_hynde_cover_p_15Reckless by Chrissie Hynde

GordonGirl in a Band by Kim Gordon

nickdrakeNick Drake: Remembered for a While

dunhamNot That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

roxanegayBad Feminist by Roxane Gay


The Other Side by Lacy M. Johnson

Here’s my remembrance of David Bowie, written for The Rumpus:


Goodbye, Starman

Here’s an excerpt from my back pages, written for Narratively (follow link & scroll to third story):

narr-main 2

Sundae Girls

And here’s a fun little piece I wrote a few years ago about the death of one of Philly’s great cheesesteak kings:

cheesteakLife Witout Joey

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