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Have you seen me before? If not, chances are you’ve heard my voice or read my words. By way of introduction, I report and produce stories for National Public Radio, other public radio stations and programs, and podcasts, I write music criticism for The Brooklyn Rail, and review music books and memoirs for The San Francisco Chronicle. I’m also the creator and producer of The Rumpus’ multimedia columns ALBUM: Portraits of Artists and Writers at Work, SOUND & VISION: Behind the Scenes in the Music Industry, and “Wanted/Needed/Loved: Musicians and the Stuff They Can’t Live Without.” When I’m not working, I’m known to play a semi-mean pinball…


Before all of this, I taught narrative nonfiction and writing for radio at Yale, where I facilitated several storytelling projects, including a collegiate version of The Moth. I also hosted many distinguished guests from the worlds of long-form journalism, non-fiction writing, and public radio– Here are links to a few stories about guests I hosted:

Music Critic Rob Sheffield Fondly Remembers Yale

Author Susan Orlean on Writing, Resonating, and Rin Tin Tin

Ian Frazier Travels Trough Siberia, LC

Here are some links to recent pieces from alumni of my radio course:

In Bethany, A Friday Night Tradition for Passionate Musicians by Cuchulain Kelly, WSHU Public Radio

John Gage, Minister by Sharif Youssef, Working Now.Org

An Education in Honest Living by Shizue RocheAdachi, WRST Public Radio

And here is a story from the Yale Daily News about my work with student storytellers:

Moth Attracts Students With Its, Er, Light

Although I’m not currently teaching, they still let me keep the T-shirt:

avatars-000029569407-t13e20-t500x500Photo credit: Deborah Tenney

What’s next? I’ll soon be launching a new magazine on the radio called “Vanishing Ink.” All I can tell you for now is it’s even better than a cheesesteak whiz wit…

These days I work out of New York City, but still appear occasionally in New Haven, and I often travel on Metro North. If you see me there, and I appear a little rumpled, please be kind.