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Matt Sullivan founded Light in the Attic Records in 2001. LITA has reissued significant lost classics by artists including Rodriguez, Betty Davis, Lee Hazlewood, and many others. It has also lovingly released compilations of lost soul, new age, and even country funk gems. While many independent labels have struggled to remain viable, LITA continues to grow, and it’s also become a major distributor for over fifty international labels. I’ve often heard the adjective “timeless” used to describe the music released on LITA. I think that’s accurate, and particularly fascinating at a time when many other labels are focusing on putting out instant hit singles. I was especially excited to talk with Sullivan about how he’s cultivated the label’s growth, preserving its commitment to putting out great music while also meeting the demands of a changing, and often challenging, market.

#30 in the Rumpus profile series “Sound & Vision.” For the full interview, click here.

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